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Portable, Early Stage Breast Cancer Detection System
OPPORTUNITY Breast cancer is one of the most common types of cancer among women. In 2014, in the US, approximately 40,000 women died from breast cancer. The situation is much more serious in developing countries. Early detection and effective treatment are major factors contributing to the long term survival of the patient. Mammography is the curre...
Inventor(s): Saeed Latif, Mohammed Alam
Category(s): Medical Device or Method, Screening Tests, Engineering Device or Method, MVP Candidate, All Technologies
Illumination Device for Spectral Imaging
OPPORTUNITYIn microscopy, fluorescence imaging, endoscopy and other biomedical imaging approaches, there is often the necessity to utilize multiple different wavelengths of light to detect various features of the sample or subject. This is often accomplished by switching between several filters or lasers, which makes it necessary to take multiple s...
Inventor(s): Silas Leavesley, Thomas Rich
Category(s): Medical Device or Method, All Technologies
Spectral Illumination Device Using Light-Emitting Diode (LED) Arrays
OPPORTUNITYReflectance and Fluorescence imaging are used in numerous medical and research applications, specifically endoscopic cancer screening. White light endoscopy (WLE) is the standard approach for colon cancer screening. However, traditional WLE relies on native tissue contrast (reflectance), and lacks specificity. Autofluorescence imaging (A...
Inventor(s): Silas Leavesley
Category(s): Medical Device or Method, All Technologies
Distributed ledger for good laboratory practice (GLP), good clinical practice (GCP) and good manufacturing practice (GMP)
OPPORTUNITY Good laboratory practice (GLP), good clinical practice (GCP) and good manufacturing practice (GMP), collectively referred to as GxP, are a set of principles intended to ensure the quality and integrity of non-clinical and clinical data collection and study execution as well as manufacturing processes. It is imperative that records and ...
Inventor(s): Christopher Francis
Category(s): All Technologies, Software
SouthPaw Logo
Though not the official logo of USA Athletics, this caricature of the University’s official mascot, affectionately known as “SouthPaw”, is available for use on retail merchandise, specifically the USA SouthPaw Kids Club.INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY STATUSTrademark Filed
Inventor(s): David Donaldson
Category(s): All Technologies, Trademark
Regulation of Osteopontin Using Hedgehog Pathway
OPPORTUNITY The role of developmental pathways such as the Hedgehog pathway has been studied for its involvement in several malignancies. The Hedgehog pathway activates signaling in cancer cells that causes them to proliferate, survive and be more aggressive. The Hedgehog pathway can be inhibited by small molecule inhibitors. Several of these inhib...
Inventor(s): Rajeev Samant, Lalita Shevde-Samant, Shamik Das
Category(s): Biomarkers, Cancer Therapeutics, All Technologies
Multifunctional Reactive Dye Compounds
OPPORTUNITY Functionalizing surfaces with tailored chemistry has received interest in both academia and industry, and the results have increased surface water repellency, fire resistance, fiber strength, and antimicrobial properties. The broad use of natural and synthetic surfaces in the form of paper, fabrics, plastic, air filtration media, membra...
Inventor(s): Kevin West, Thomas Glover
Category(s): Functionalized Materials, Composite Materials, All Technologies
Novel Heart Attack Therapy: Caspase Inhibition Prior to Repurfusion
OPPORTUNITY Preventing heart muscle death (infarction) during a heart attack is an important goal of treatment. To this end, patients typically receive platelet inhibitors and early opening of the thrombosed artery (reperfusion), both of which aim to reduce heart muscle loss. This treatment has lowered, but not eliminated, mortality and morbidity i...
Inventor(s): Jonathon Audia, James Downey, Diego Alvarez, Michael Cohen
Category(s): Therapeutics, All Technologies
Multi-Well Plate System to Assess Cellular Mechanobiology
OPPORTUNITY In a sheet of endothelial cells, the cellular response to physical and chemical stimuli is often regulated uniquely by the mechanical microenvironment of the cell. However, the mechanical microenvironment which is composed of mechanical stretch, fluid pressure and shear stress, is not static. Monolayer stress microscopy (MSM) has enable...
Inventor(s): Dhananjay Tambe, Neel Patel
Category(s): Engineering Device or Method, Research Tools, All Technologies
Platform DNA Vaccine
OPPORTUNITY The global market for DNA vaccines is expected to grow to $2.7 billion by 2019, with a five-year compound annual growth rate (GAGR) of 54.8%. The clinical vaccines category, the largest and fastest-growing segment of this market, is surging at 81.2% CAGR. Human clinical DNA vaccines represent the primary future market opportunity for th...
Inventor(s): Brian Fouty, Victor Solodushko, Vira Bitko
Category(s): Anti-Viral Therapeutics, Vaccines, All Technologies
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