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Portable, Early Stage Breast Cancer Detection System
OPPORTUNITY Breast cancer is one of the most common types of cancer among women. In 2014, in the US, approximately 40,000 women died from breast cancer. The situation is much more serious in developing countries. Early detection and effective treatment are major factors contributing to the long term survival of the patient. Mammography is the curre...
Inventor(s): Saeed Latif, Mohammed Alam
Category(s): Medical Device or Method, Screening Tests, Engineering Device or Method, MVP Candidate, All Technologies
Illumination Device for Spectral Imaging
OPPORTUNITYIn microscopy, fluorescence imaging, endoscopy and other biomedical imaging approaches, there is often the necessity to utilize multiple different wavelengths of light to detect various features of the sample or subject. This is often accomplished by switching between several filters or lasers, which makes it necessary to take multiple s...
Inventor(s): Silas Leavesley, Thomas Rich
Category(s): Medical Device or Method, All Technologies
Spectral Illumination Device Using Light-Emitting Diode (LED) Arrays
OPPORTUNITYReflectance and Fluorescence imaging are used in numerous medical and research applications, specifically endoscopic cancer screening. White light endoscopy (WLE) is the standard approach for colon cancer screening. However, traditional WLE relies on native tissue contrast (reflectance), and lacks specificity. Autofluorescence imaging (A...
Inventor(s): Silas Leavesley
Category(s): Medical Device or Method, All Technologies
Leads to Assess Accurate Neonate Heart Rate in the Delivery Room
OPPORTUNITY Ten percent (10%) of births require some form of neonate resuscitation. Heart rate (HR) is the most important clinical indicator to evaluate the status of a newborn, and it is also used to guide resuscitation efforts. Immediately after birth, the infant’s HR must be assessed as accurately and quickly as possible to determine if an...
Inventor(s): Om Jha, Gabriel Eyal
Category(s): Medical Device or Method, All Technologies
Balloon Sealed Device to Instill Contrast into Penetrating Traumatic Wounds for Radiographic Diagnosis of Injury
OPPORTUNITY Bodily injuries can be loosely categorized as either blunt or penetrating wounds. When medical personnel deal with a penetrating wound there is a time consuming, and often invasive, diagnostic process to determine the next steps to address any internal damage. The need for this invasive diagnostic process is due to the nature of penetra...
Inventor(s): Patrick Bosarge
Category(s): Medical Device or Method, All Technologies