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Reversible Carbon Capture and Sequestration
OPPORTUNITY Global CO2 emissions from energy-related industries are expected to rise from 27 gigatons in 2005 to 42 gigatons in 2030. There is hence a clear need for efficient and cost effective CO2 scrubbing systems and an indication that demand for such systems will increase over the coming decades. Carbon capture and sequestration is seen as cri...
Inventor(s): James Davis
Category(s): Environmental Monitoring & Resiliency, Ionic Liquids, All Technologies
Boronium-Ion-Based Ionic Liquids for Use in Batteries
OPPORTUNITY Unlike conventional molten salts (for example, molten sodium chloride), ionic liquids often melt below 100 °C. When an ionic liquid has a melting point below room temperature, it is said to be a room-temperature ionic liquid. Since their melting points are low, room-temperature ionic liquids can act as reaction solvents. Room-temper...
Inventor(s): James Davis
Category(s): Ionic Liquids, Environmental Monitoring & Resiliency, All Technologies